First blog post

Through Adversity

By Darryl E Holmes SR.

Copy Right Lessons and Love Poetry

from  Manuscript   Poetry In The Life of an Incarcerated Black Man


Through adversity

our family has been around

we have hardships

which is no easy task

but as long as we stick together

that’s not too much to ask


through trials and tribulations

our family has lasted

now it has brought us better

family relations


first from Africa

to the United States of America

we have worked hard to make things better


how much more

could any family member ask

to have such a richness

of its past

with a love and understanding

that will last


as we look to the future

and remember the past

your struggle to the future

has broken many chains


and allowed us a richness

beyond money fortune and fame


now that we are back together

our future is at hand

when we work together

we can make this world a better place

for our fellow-man



What We Share

by Darryl E Holmes Sr.

(c) Lessons and Love Poetry


What we share

is a love so very rare


what we share

is a feeling

that most people dream of


what we share

my dear

is a love that conquers all fears

as it is a love that has shed

many tears


What we share

most people spend

a lifetime looking for


It is a love

that has hope and many dreams

which is far beyond most it seems


What we share

is a God given gift

it is a love that gives our souls a lift


what we share

grows with the passage of time

it is a love my dear that’s hard to find

it is a love like yours and mine